About Us

Hello, firstly I would like to introduce myself, I am Paul Haywood FGA and I am the owner and founder of Diamond Avenue. On this page I wanted to give you a bit of a background on myself, my business and what we do here at Diamond Avenue.

The journey to jewellery

My first view into the jewellery trade was when I watched a show in 2009 about a UK pawnbroking company who dealt with high end jewellery and watches and seeing the pieces that they were deal made me realise that I wanted to be a part of that world. After working as a gold buyer and a pawnbroker I decided to start what would become Diamond Avenue in 2012. My inspiration to start my own jewellery business came from the experience that many people have of buying an engagement ring and being slightly disappointed by the experience I received as many retailers attitudes seem to change when I told them that I only had a small budget and also the lack of knowledge that I encountered.

So I launched in 2012 with the premise to give every customer top levels of service, no matter what their budget. I also wanted to give the right advice to my customers, this lead me to expand on my knowledge of precious metals by becoming a fully qualified gemmologist with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. That it what the letters FGA mean after my name and you can search for me on there database by clicking here.

Where we are now

Since 2012, we have expanded from dealing in precious metals to fine quality Gemstone and Diamond jewellery but I realised that being a retailer and trying to guess what people might like and buy wasn’t what I wanted Diamond Avenue to be.

So that is why in 2018, I decided to take us on a new direction and we now offer a bespoke jewellery concierge service so that you get the piece that you want.